Our rates are modulated in order to provide in each season the best value for money in this area!
This is possible thanks to a dynamic pricing policy that allows us to better meet the expectations of our guests.
Through offers and promotions you will always find a quality product suitable for every budget.

In particular, reservations made long in advance will enjoy discounts sometimes even up to 50%.

To view the rates for the period that you are interested in, just use our online booking system. However, if you have any request that our system can not satisfy, you can fill in the availability request to receive our personalized response to your e-mail address.

Please also note that our hotel has inside a rich pastry (have a look at the photos in the gallery) and that, in order to give you the maximum freedom of choice, the base rates listed do not include breakfast. In this way you can choose whether to eat to your taste and pay directly at the counter on the basis of what you wish every morning or if you want to enjoy the buffet in the restaurant with a flat fee of 8 euro per person.

In conclusion, we offer you freedom of choice and very special offers not to be missed, keeping an eye on our special offers (some of which are reserved exclusively to the friends who have joined our fidelity program).