As you can see, the home page of our site has a different approach to the potential customer than others who prefer to describe mainly the hotel and the available services.

We prefer to speak of YOU in order to know yourself better and put you at the center of our attention in order to satisfy your needs and make you feel at home.

Italy is a country rich in natural beauty, artistic and cultural attractions: nevertheless the quality of the tourist offer has not yet reached the average level appropriate to the real potential of the region...

We believe this is not just a mere economic issue but it is due to a certain kind of mentality still too widespread among many actors.

The customer is often seen only as a source of income, no matter whether the relationship between offered quality and paid price penalizes the quality on the bases of the principle that "even if a guest does not return there will always be another one to replace him!".

And above all, woe to lower rates at least in certain times of the year because so I clear my hotel!

This way of thinking is not ours!

At Al Sant’Andrea we do not agree with this view of things: our philosophy is based on certain values ​​that you can easily find staying with us.


The warmth of a sincere welcome is priceless and has no cost.
Getting tired of the trip and feel expected ...
A small act of kindness and a smile reassure and relax.
At Al Sant'Andrea you will feel among friends in a friendly welcoming and comfortable environment


We believe that quality is regardless of the price that we can offer an excellent product even at moderate rates: not only high tariffs make an hotel prestigious!

How many times you get the impression that you have paid too much for something that really was not worth …

Our wish is that friends staying even one night at Al Sant’Andrea leave happy and convinced that they have paid a fair price for a quality service.

In fact, in some periods of the year, the cost is really low, with a base price starting from € 39.00 per night, and you can decide later whether to add the breakfast each morning (with a fare surcharge) or not (if you do not have breakfast why to have to pay for it anyway?).

Your satisfaction and passing the word that will follow will be our best reward and a good advertising!


As you have seen, our home page has at the bottom a classification by type of visitor.
The needs and expectations are not the same for everyone: for this reason we offer customized products according to your individual motivations to travel.

With a simple click you can find out which personal attention we have dedicated to you to make you feel unique!


Our desire is that once stayed at Al Sant'Andrea, we were able to go beyond your expectations leaving a memory of real enthusiasm thanks to the care you have received.

To leave satisfied is normal ...to leave enthusiastic is exceptional.

We want that this exception will become a tradition for our guests!

We are therefore convinced that the values ​​of our philosophy should be the guidelines of our daily activities, with the primary objective to meet and conquer our esteemed guests!