Vernazza                                                                                              Manarola           

The Cinque Terre… five wonderful pearls set in the hard and steep coast north of La Spezia.
Surrounded by green lush vegetation overlooking the cliffs, decorated by the work of human being for centuries combing nature terracing slopes to cultivate the vine and the olive tree, lit by reflections of the sea that reigns supreme, the Cinque Terre are famous all around the world.

            Riomaggiore                                   Corniglia                                      Monterosso

Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso, the names of villages neighboring southward to other wonderful places absolutely not to be missed: the Gulf of Poets with La Spezia, Portovenere, Lerici, Tellaro and, a little bit southward, Sarzana.

               Coltivazioni a terrazze per vite e ulivo                                            Portovenere

Reaching the Cinque Terre is simple. Of course the car is the less recommended mean of transport considering the narrow and winding access roads and, above all, the lack of parking. Similarly, the bus is not the ideal solution for the same reasons, while the train is an excellent alternative.

                   Lerici                                         Tellaro                               La fortezza di Sarzana

From Sarzana or from La Spezia, several rides a day in a few ten of minutes carry thousands of people allowing to reach all the villages.
As an alternative to the train, from spring to late summer, we have the ferries (in the area are called Vaporetti -Steamboats) from Lerici and La Spezia, they offer the opportunity for unforgettable moments by providing the sea link between the Gulf of Poets and the Cinque Terre.

The most important aspect in the choice of the location where to stay for those traveling with their own cars is that the arrangement of their own car.
In the towns of the Cinque Terre there is lack of parking places and the few available places not intended for residents have a very high daily cost, just like in La Spezia where the whole area around the train station is a pedestrian zone and the adjacent underground car park does not cost less than 20/25 € per day. For busses, the situation is even more complicated since they are not allowed to stay in the city but must remain in the mega car park located 10 minutes from the city center and adjacent to the motorway exit, at the modest sum of 50 euro per day.

Al Sant'Andrea Hotel is located in Sarzana, just 10 minutes by train from La Spezia and 800 meters from Sarzana, connected to La Spezia by the state highway and by the motorway in about 10/15 minutes, and has wide free parking which becomes of strategic importance!
Conclusion: stay with us means to solve in a moment the logistical problems at no cost and also paying for the stay much less expensive rates...
For our guests are available boat rides to explore the Gulf of Poets with the Ligurian boat (the so-called “gozzo”) of the hotel and there is the possibility to take advantage of the magnificent sandy beaches of Versilia, which is only a few minutes’ drive.

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