The region around Sarzana is very rich in natural and cultural attractions.

For your holiday Al Sant’Andrea may be the right place for several reasons.

In fact it can be seen as a Hub Hotel!

Of course, probably, this is the first time you hear this concept applied to a hotel ...
Hub  means "linchpin of a wheel" from which the wheel spokes branch off (eg. of a bike or motorcycle) and it is used when you talk about airports to indicate a great stopover from which numerous connections (the spokes) for many destinations branch out.

Similarly, Al Sant'Andrea can become "your hub" to visit the region!

Although the hotel does not have a sea view it has several other advantages:
- It is located in a position equidistant from Cinque Terre and Versilia, not far from Lerici, La Spezia and Portovenere, a few minutes from the excavations of the ancient Luni and the marble quarries of Carrara. In less than an hour by car or train you can reach Pisa, Lucca, Florence and many other Tuscan cities. And if you fancy beaches, Marinella, Fiumaretta and Marina di Carrara are only 5 km far. In short, you'll be spoiled for choice.

- In times of great tourist influx, rates of stays of the above locations are at least twice as ours and often you could meet problems of traffic, parking, restricted traffic areas, rushed services due to the many visitors.

- For many places such as the Cinque Terre or cities of art the best way to get there is by train, and Al Sant'Andrea is only 10 minutes’ walk from the railway station and the large car park will host your vehicle.

In short, a highly efficient and practical solution to very convenient conditions.

In conclusion, every day a different adventure for an exceptional holiday!
Here for you a few pictures of the places that you will discover in this region!

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